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Uwe Boll, EA, XBox 360 and NDA’s


Some of you may have noticed that I have changed the look of the site again. Yes, I had some time on my hands recently so I decided to mess around with it. I like the results now and will probably leave it this way for the time being. Really, its not the look of the site that matters all that much. It’s the content. But as I don’t have content that is all that stunning I thought it should at least try to make it look pretty.

In other news, I spent some time today at a certain video game company checking out and playing various video games that I can’t talk about yet. Yes, I had to sign one or two of those NDA things that prevent me from talking about the great (and not so great) stuff I saw today. That’s the way it works. You sign a piece of paper that says you will not talk about things until a certain date. In other words you are “embargoed” from talking about said things. I like that word “embargo”. It sounds interesting.

Suffice to say that the games were really cool (most of them anyway) and as soon as I can talk about them I will. It won’t really be that long so don’t worry. I think the embargo on most of them ends this weekend. See, not that long at all. What I can say about the games is that they were each very interesting in their own ways and some really stood out above the rest. I was particularly excited to see and play one game in particular that I know will be in my game console of choice as soon as it’s available.

Anyway, I won’t keep blathering on about things I can’t talk about. It’s really sort of rude. I’m sorry for getting all your hopes up and then not being able to deliver. So, let’s move on.

In other news of a video game sort that I can talk about:

Uwe Boll is apparently going to be allowed another opportunity to direct a movie. Lucky us.

Duke Nukem on Xbox Live Arcade has been discussed. Cool. I really like playing Galaga on XBLA so this could be fun too.

Over at EA Sports they are perfecting mediocrity, apparently. I like some of EA’s games but some others really kinda suck.

You can run Half Life 2 on a Mac without Windows. Or, you could run it on a Mac using Bootcamp in Windows. Which is what I do. Try it, it’s fun.

And, the kids of “Southpark” get a chance to play a little World of Warcraft. Oh Matt and Trey, you guys kill me. That reminds me, I need to write a review of the “Southpark” Season 8 DVD Box Set.

Oh, and if you are interested in comic books or comic book creators, my latest article is up over at comic book resources. It’s an interview with the guys who do “The Cross Bronx” comic book. The comic is really good. The interview is pretty ok too.

I’ll try not to pull something while patting myself on the back.

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