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iPod Stroller and Mac World Expo


Now I just need something to put in the stroller. Any suggestions (besides an iPod)? Also, I will be heading off to San Francisco next week to pay homage to the Apple Gods at MacWorld Expo. As I often do, I’ll probably wind up seeing Mr. Apple himself Steve Jobs around the show floor.

So, if you have any questions for him that you would like me to ask, fire away and I will see what I can do. After all, we’re close Steve and I. One year I actually said “Hi” to him and he nodded back. So you see, we’re tight. Other than that, it should be a rather interesting show full of all kinds of announcements and whatnot. Just to start things off, I have a couple of predictions:

1. A new iPod with Video and perhaps even 802.11n wireless to connect it to the next item on the list.

2. The iTV or whatever they end up calling it. Connect your TV to your computer and watch stuff. Fun. But I already do that with my Tivo and now I’ve also got a Slingbox (thanks Dad) so I’m not sure what this will do for me. Although, it would be cool if it did HD. I bet it will or else what’s the point? If it does do HD then expect to see HD programming available at the iTunes store as well.

3. Updated iLife Suite (aka iLife ’07). New apps including a spread sheet program (ala Microsoft Excel) and improvements to iPhoto and the rest of the gang including more Photoshop-like features for iPhoto and better RAW file handling. I also think Apple might wrap all the stuff its done for Aperture into iPhoto and make one nice photo editing suite for the Mac as part of iLife.

4. Last but not least (and here’s the tough one) a new iPod/PDA/Phone that will most likely debut on Cingular first but may even have an unlocked version at first as well. Either way, definitely will be GSM (sorry Verizon and Sprint folks). This new device will not be called the iPhone now that that name is gone (if it ever was available in the first place). No, this new device will be called a name Apple has already spent millions of dollars getting people to know and remember. What’s the name? The iPod.

Ok, that’s it for now. But if I get a chance I’ll drop some more predictions on ya Monday — the day before the Keynote by Steve Jobs where all will be made clear.

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