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A Minor Update and Some Cool Pictures

In case anyone was wondering I have been busy of late. Yes, I know what you are thinking: “what’s with all the excuses?” Well, what can I say except that for some reason I seem to be somewhat in demand. Not so much in demand I guess, but more like time crunched. I have commitments to several things these days: writing for cinematical, comic book resources, running the other business and many other things.

Plus, as of last week I am now the technology editor at LAist so that means they are gonna expect more from me as well. No more just writing what I want whenever I feel the “muse.” Now, I gotta come up with some tech stuff each and every week or else they won’t give me my hard-earned buckets o’ cash. Well, buckets is probably too strong a word. What’s a word that means one small step above absolutely nothing? I don’t know but whatever it is, its small.

Anyway, I’ve been working on all that stuff so this blog, as always, ends up suffering for it. I really wish there were more hours in the day or, more to the point, that I wasn’t such a lazy procrastinator. That way, I could actually make time and have time for all the things I need to do in my life. Perhaps there are some tidbits of info from somewhere in the vastness of the internet where I could get help with my problems? If only that were true. I’ll look around and if I find anything, I’ll get back to you.

In other news, this past week I went to the opening night festivities for the Photo LA show and saw quite a few interesting photographs. I always wish I would make more time to take pictures so seeing these photos I was hoping would inspire me to do it. I think it helped a little but time will tell. I just don’t feel inspired to create as much as I used to. I’m not sure what that means but I don’t like it very much. I hope its just a temporary thing and will pass. Let’s hope so.

So, take a look at some of these photos and try to get inspired. I will too.





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