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Saved by a Prius


As I am a recent, and proud, owner of a Toyota Prius, this video I saw on YouTube give me some comfort that I won’t die if I’m ever in an accident. Although, I have to admit that when I first started seeing the Prius around town one of the things that always concerned me about getting one was if it would be safe during an accident. Fortunately, I haven’t had very many accident in my life (only two I think) so safety wasn’t the most important thing to me. Although, it was up there.

Anyway, so far I’ve been lucky and haven’t had to test the Prius in any real-world crash test scenarios. If I was superstitions, this would be the time when I would knock on wood or something. Unfortunately, I’m not 100% sure if this Starbucks table is made of actual wood or just a shiny wood substitute. Oh well, I guess it can’t hurt to do it anyway.

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