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I’m Back


Man, what a week. Going to the Comic-Con is like running a marathon. I’m pretty beat (and beat-up) but I did manage to get quite a bit of stuff written while at the Con, meet some great people and have a good time during those rare moments when I wasn’t running around or pushing my way into this panel or that one. If you’ve got some time on your hands, head on over to Cinematical or Comic Book Resources and check out the Comic-Con coverage. There’s a crap load of it.

One of the best things about the Con for me was getting to spend more time with people that I only talk to on the phone or via email. I also get to meet a couple people in person that I’ve never met before. That was very cool and may lead to other opportunities for me, which is always a good thing. Another major highlight for me was getting the chance to meet and interview one of the head honchos of one of my favorite TV shows of all time: Battlestar Galactica.

I spent some time speaking to Mr. Mark Verheiden, Co-Exec. Producer of Battlestar, about the show, his movie projects and a bunch of other stuff. He was a very nice guy and talked as openly as he could about things. All and all a pleasant experience and one that I would like to repeat again sometime. It was that fun. That interview is up over at CBR now. Right here.


Other than that, there were the obligatory celebrity sightings like Jessica Alba, Robert Downey, Jr. and Ali Larter from the TV show Heroes (who looked smashing, btw). Although, as I live and work in LA and see celebs pretty regularly at my local Starbucks, walking their dogs in the park or eating at local restaurants, that part was less interesting to me than some other things.

If I lived in Minnesota or somewhere like that I would probably be much more excited. Although, seeing Ali Larter and shaking Stan Lee’s hand was pretty darn cool. I’ll come back later with some more info, but in the meantime go to the other sites cause we need the hits. Thanks.

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