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New Apple Stuff and Other Updates


Apple honcho Steve Jobs announced a bunch of new stuff today. Among the items were new, improved iMacs complete with shiny anodized aluminum keyboards, iLife ’08, increased storage and other improvements to .Mac (finally) and a new iWork suite of applications — including an “Excel killer” called Numbers. All in all, some pretty interesting new stuff that I can’t wait to try out.

I’ve already ordered iLife ’08 and will probably get iWork ’08 too — any chance to use something besides Word is ok with me. I might also go for a new iMac, but probably not right away. They do look cool, though, so it will be hard to hold off for too long. Also, it might be fun to get a new Mac Mini as well, seeing as how his Steveness saw fit to update those today as well. With the recent release of the iPhone and now this stuff, its great to be an Apple user these days.

Also, if you like Apple and you like Podcasts then you’re in luck because over at TUAW we’re doing another live Talkcast/Podcast about all-things Apple. Its this Thursday, 9:30PM Eastern and I’ll be on it along with my esteemed TUAW colleagues Scott McNulty, David Chartier and Mike Rose. We also did one last week as well so check that one out too.

For all the details on how to listen to this week’s Talkcast and even call in live with your comments and questions, head on over here. We like doing these Talkcasts that become Podcasts and they will probably become a regular thing. So, if you have the time, tune in. Finally, I wrote a bit of an editorial on my feelings and the state of Comic-Con over at Cinematical.

It should be up tomorrow barring any unforeseen issues like they decide I’ve written it way too long and gone off on a tirade or something. Me on a tirade or writing something way too long? Not possible.

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