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Reading and Watching

Even though I’m distracted by personal crap lo these several weeks, I’m still trying to find time to read and watch some good stuff — if only to take my mind off of the distracting personal crap.

So, because I know that you care what I read and watch, here’s what I’m reading and watching at the moment (well, not right this moment as I am, in fact, writing this but earlier today and over the last week or so).



Crooked Little Vein by Warren Ellis — A really cool and crazy detective thriller novel by a really cool and crazy writer who’s work I’m loving more and more as I get into it. Can’t wait to see what he does when he takes over Astonishing X-Men from Joss Whedon. Should be pretty cool (and maybe even a little crazy). Also, if you get the chance, try to check out his comic Black Summer. Great stuff.


Preacher written by Garth Ennis with art by Steve Dillon — This is a terrific series I was late getting into. But man, is it good and asks some of those questions about life, the universe and everything that we all wonder about sometimes. Plus, it has God, magic, vampires, sex and lots of blood a gore. All in all, a great time. Ennis is a great writer who’s other work, including the excellent The Boys, is definitely worth a look.



Mad Men — If you haven’t checked out AMC’s original series about early 60s Madison Avenue advertising execs you don’t know what you are missing. Its a great show full of interesting characters, drama, humor and a rather reveling look at how things were in business and between men and women not that long ago.

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