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Next Stop Macworld Expo in San Francisco

I’ll be going up to San Francisco on Sunday to cover the big Macworld Expo gathering of the faithful all week for TUAW (thank you TUAW parent company AOL for sending me). Consequently, I’ll be posting here less next week.

However, if you just can’t get enough of me, check out the multiple ways in which you can keep up with my adventures, and those of my TUAW colleges, at Macworld as we bring you all the exciting news and info this year.

Here’s some of the best ways:

The Unofficial Apple Weblog Website

Posts Tagged with the Macworld Tag at the TUAW Website

Our TUAW Twitter Feed (you do Twitter, don’t you?)

Our TUAW Macworld RSS Feed

My TUAW Articles – Stuff just from me (the best part, of course)

And, my Twitter feed is right there to the right so I will be posting to it as much as I can.

That a pretty good start. If you can’t get enough Macworld info using these various methods, you’re not trying hard enough. Also, be sure to check out our predictions of what Steve Jobs will announce at this year’s keynote. There’s some good ones there and if even half of them come true, it should make for an exciting keynote not to be missed.

And, if you are attending Macworld this year, be sure to say hello. We’ll be the ones running around shooting video, taking photos, interviewing celebs and booth babes and loving every minute of the Macworld experience.

See you in San Francisco.

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