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Cool Art and Wizard World stuff

Sometimes in my travels I come across cool things and want to share them. Here’s an example of that:


These panels were part of the ‘Mondo Marvel’ presentation at Wizard World LA this weekend — which even though it was pretty small was still a great time. I attended the panel for ComicMix and was pretty impressed with this Thor artwork by Patrick Zircher. This guy rocks and I think will have along career in comics.

I also got a chance to interview a bunch of other cool people at WWLA including another artist whose work I like very much: Jacen Burrows. That interview is already up over at ComicMix. Here’s a couple of things from him including a page from 303, which he did with Garth Ennis, and a Blackgas cover, a book he did with Warren Ellis:



I also had a chance to talk with X-Force and Dark Tower writer Peter David, Battlestar Galactica Co-Executive Producer Mark Verheiden and superstar screenwriter Zak Penn. Look for those articles soon.

You know, its pretty cool to work in the business I work in. This writing thing is pretty darn fun.

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