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New York Comic Con Stalling


I’m still gathering my thoughts (such as they are) about the New York Comic Con. Rest assured I will eventually do a brain dump of whatever is left in there to dump. I know, without reservation, it will be well worth the wait. Of course, I’ve also been known to drink a bit now and then, so who knows?

Meantime, feel free to take a look at what my learned colleagues at ComicMix have to say on the subject. Here’s Mike Gold’s perspective and here’s Rick Marshall’s. Both of them are smart and have a lot of experience at these types of events so you will find what they have to say very interesting, no doubt about it.

I’ve also managed to post a few photos from my trip over at my Flickr pages. So those can also serve to give you something to look at and help pass the time between now and when my no doubt brilliant insight into the Con will arrive.

Well, now that I’ve way over-sold the whole thing I guess I should probably put my head down and write it. Ok, I will. Check back later.

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