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New York Comic Con Final Thoughts


You know, maybe I won’t bother to do a brain dump post about the NYCC after all. Sure, I could hit you with all the things I liked about the Con from the not overly-crowded show floor to the weather in NYC to the well-run and often interesting panels.

Or, I could complain about the few things I didn’t like about the Con such as the sometimes lateness of the panels which caused us a bit of trouble, the overpriced food and the extra-super-crappy wireless internet which they should not charge for and give money back to anyone dumb enough to get it. But really, what do I have to complain about?

Life is pretty good. I got to spend several days “working” with some of the most talented, interesting, gracious and fun people around. Yes, I’m talking about the ComicMix team. In short, I had a great time and one that I hope to repeat come San Diego Comic-Con in July. Which, hopefully, I will be attending again under the gracious auspices of ComicMix/Crowd Fusion and its super-talented and benevolent rockstar Brian Alvey.

Who knows, perhaps I will even be able to do a bit of work for some as-yet unrealized movie and TV related sites? Anything is possible and I will not speculate further because I think certain people may read this blog and I don’t want them to get angry at me for giving away too much or saying things I’m not supposed to say. Whew, that was a close one.

Sure, the week in NYC was not without its few glitches. But come on, I got paid to go to a comic book convention and meet writers, artists, film directors, actors and hang out with the best team working in journalism today. I don’t know about you or what you happen to do to make ends meet, but I can tell you, my life is pretty sweet — at least where my “work” is concerned. I also managed to take care of some “personal” business while in NYC as well, which was the other reason I was in New York. Lucky for me, I was able to do both while there.

As for my my personal life? Well, don’t get me started on that as its a long and winding road to be sure. Its been an interesting six months to be sure. By way of explanation, did I happen to mention how much fun I had in New York at the Comic Con? Did I tell you how great it was to be working shoulder to shoulder with people like Mike Gold, Rick Marshall, Glenn Hauman, Michael Davis, Kai Connolly, Mike Raup, Matt Raub!, Martha Thomases, Karl Cramer, Alan Kistler and the rest of the team, friends and support system.

And yes, even if Glenn did forget to bring me my “official” ComicMix business cards, I still think he’s a great, funny and intelligent guy who really knows his way around comics. Glenn, I’m sorry again that everyone gave you such a hard time about forgetting my cards. I didn’t put them up to it, I promise. Still, it was kinda funny, at least to me. And Matt Raub!

See what I did there? A little sleight-o-hand to make you forget to ask me about my personal life. We’re talking about all good things right now so I won’t muck it up with anything not good. Suffice to say that life is good but sometimes you gotta make sure you tell yourself that a lot to help get you through the times when life isn’t like that.

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