Excuses are like. . . And new photos too. - Chris Ullrich dot net

Excuses are like. . . And new photos too.

Obviously, I have some sort of issue with deadlines. For whatever reason I don’t seem capable of making them. For example, here it is Wednesday and I didn’t post anything for “Photo Tuesday” yesterday. How can I expect people to faithfully read this blog if I can’t even remember to post something regularly?

That’s a good question and one that deserves an answer. Sadly, I don’t really have one for you. Perhaps someone smarter than myself can offer one? That would be great.

Meantime, let’s start with a few links. First off, here’s a couple to direct you to my latest articles from around the internets.

I go out on a limb and pick six of The Best Movies Adapted from Comic Books.

The latest installment of my ongoing BSG Weekly articles.

Rick Marshall on why his life is like Rocky IV.

An interesting, and disturbing, story about a van driven onto the runway in Seattle and nobody notices or seems to care.

Napster offers DRM-free mp3 music.

LAist loves Ikea’s salty balls.

This is funny. TUAW-bashing is always good for a laugh.

And, as I still do try to meet deadlines, even if circumstances get in the way, here’s a couple photos to commemorate “Photo Wednesday.” These were taken by my friend Anthony Dalesandro who, besides being a great director, is also a pretty good photographer too. Enjoy.




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