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Photo a Day – Day 9

Even though I was distracted the last few days by a fun trip out of town and also had to take time out of my day for a long meeting at a certain TV network to be named later, I’m still finding the time to post a picture. True, it is a bit late in the day. But what the heck, at least I made it.

You might also notice I’ve been absent from the various sites I contribute to the last week or so. After Chicago, various other things and most recently, San Diego Comic-Con, I needed a little break from work. I also needed to concentrate heavily on a particular writing project that’s on the brink of moving forward to the next level. Fingers crossed it will.

But fear not, I’ll be back to business as usual shortly. Until then, nine down, twenty-one to go.


Also find the “Photo a Day” photos at my flickr page.

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