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The Great Orson Welles

This is a video of my favorite director’s last TV appearance ever on the Merv Griffin show, October 10th, 1985 . Even at 70 years old, you can still see his wit, charm and intelligence come through. It’s a great video of a great and supremely talented man who’s influence on films and filmmaking is enormous.

And to make it even more interesting, two hours after his appearance on the show, Orson Welles died in his home of a heat attack.


But wait, there’s more. Here’s a trailer for a movie that Orson Welles supposedly (at least according to rumor) wanted to make — Batman. With Welles himself playing the title role, of course. Even though this video is actually fake and was not made by Welles, its still very well done and poses a great “what if” scenario that I, as a fan of the master and Batman, would love to have seen.


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