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The New Ride


Just a quick photo of the new car I got on Saturday. Yes, its a BMW. A 535i with inline six cylinder, twin turbo, 300 hp goodness. It’s also got what BWM calls the Premium Package, Sport Package, Navigation and, most importantly, iPod support so you can control the iPod with the car’s built-in iDrive system and listen through the stereo.

That’s a very cool feature allowing you to see all your playlists, songs, etc. on the car’s screen and play what you want. All while leaving the iPod safely tucked away in the center console. Why did I get it? Well, I’ve been good lately so really, why not?

This photo is just a snap from the iPhone but I’ll post some better ones later, once I feel a bit better. Having a cold and nursing a shoulder injury can take a lot out of you. But looking at, and more to the point, driving a car like this, can go a long way to making you feel better. In a word, its just plain fun.

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