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Breakfast Anytime

For the record (and what better record than a blog post?) I love breakfast food. Pretty much anytime of the day or night I will eat it. Toast, eggs, omelets, pancakes, breakfast burritos and everything else that is traditionally thought of as breakfast food I will eat at 3AM on a Thursday.

I also fancy myself as a bit of a food person. As in, I think I know the difference between good food and that which is best served to dogs, pigs or other animals with less discerning palettes.

That said, I’m not a snob about it or am I what is commonly referred to these days as a “foodie.” I just like good food and know it when I see, or rather eat, it.

So, when I come across some really great food I feel like sharing it with others who may appreciate it. That happy circumstance happened to me just today at a place called The Gypsy Den in Santa Ana, CA.

I had what I consider one of the top five breakfast burritos of all time (that’s a picture of it above). And believe me, I’ve eaten quite a few in my day.

If you are ever in Santa Ana or near their other location in Costa Mesa, I highly suggest giving them a try. Oh, and if you get the breakfast burrito, spring for the Avocado inside. Trust me.

You won’t regret it. And hey, the coffee is pretty darn good too.

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