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Photo Friday-ish

As you are probably aware, I’m in Las Vegas. Being in Vegas makes one a bit lazy about certain responsibilities. One such responsibility is updating this here website.

I am going to remedy that now. In fact, as I said previously, I’m going to try and post a few photos here on Fridays. Yes, I know it’s Saturday already, no need to write in.

Let’s just pretend it’s Friday for a minute and say I got these posted a couple hours ago, okay? Thanks. You’re a sport.

Also, I don’t know what any of these photos mean. I just took them when the mood struck. Plus, I’m always trying to improve and take photos using pretty much only the iPhone 4S.

Oh, on that subject, I picked up one of those lens attachments today (Friday) for the iPhone 4S. It’s the one from Olloclip. Haven’t had a chance to use it much but will be over the next few days/weeks. Stay tuned for a full report and the resulting photos.

In the meantime, enjoy.

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