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Going Back to Cali?

I’m not really going back to Cali, because I never left. I was just using that as more of a fun metaphor for what I’m considering. Well, it’s fun to me anyway, and that’s what counts.

This is my website, after all. If you don’t like it, get one of your own. I hear they’re pretty easy and cheap to get these days. You can’t beat that.

Anyway, what I’m considering is a full time return to the business of show. Since I stopped making movies, TV programs and the like I’ve spent a lot of time working on various other things, including The Flickcast. I still want to do those things but, in truth, the bug to get back to my first love has bitten me again . . . and hard. In fact, I think it’s infected.

Sorry about the weird insect imagery. Don’t mean to digress. Moving on. The difference this time is I won’t be going back doing what I did before (producing, etc.). Instead, I’m going to go back on my own terms with my own projects as a writer and director. Or, at the very least, I’m going to give it my best shot.

It all sounds good on the surface and if things continue to go the way I’ve set them in motion, all should be well. Watch this space for further developments.

On a related note, the site move I recently complained about for The Flickcast is done. It actually went well and didn’t even cost me that much. So I got that going for me, which is nice.

Please feel free to resume your kind patronage of that fine website. Thanks. And my children thank you. . . Or they will when I finally get some.

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