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Meetings Are Fun

That title may be a touch sarcastic. In truth, I often find meetings to be mind-numbingly boring. People who think they’re informative, funny or somehow interesting tend to ramble on about this or that and after a few minutes, I’m pretty much done.

You all know what I mean so don’t send angry letters telling me I’m the jerk who doesn’t like people. I do like people, just not boring, know-it-all people.

However, over the last week or so I’ve had meetings with people I did find very pleasant and were a pleasure to talk with. It was extremely refreshing and I highly recommend it.

These great meetings where we found common ground, had stimulating and productive discussions and made advances toward our mutual goals almost made up for the others I had to sit through where I seriously considered jabbing a pen into my eye so I could be taken to the hospital and not have to listen anymore.

Okay, maybe that’s a bit extreme (and probably an exaggeration), but you get the idea. Still, progress is often difficult and as I intend to make progress towards my goals, I guess I’m going to have to kiss a few frogs along the way, figuratively speaking of course . . . There’s no actual frogs involved.

Now I’m going to get letters from animal rights groups chastising me about my treatment of frogs. Awesome.

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