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Sunday Meetings Are Fun — No, Really


It isn’t really a secret, but yes, I’m working on a movie. It was written by an old friend of mine (old in the sense I’ve known him a long time, not the other thing) and he is also directing it as well. This isn’t his first movie. In fact, he’s directed several already, but he’s trying to broaden his range and show he can do something different than he usually does.

I appreciate that and I can relate. In fact, that’s one of the main reasons I’m producing the movie with him. Although, I’ve produced movies before so my motivation isn’t exactly the same as his. More on that in a later post.

In the meantime, we have our first production meeting today (Sunday) where all the key people get together, go through the script and discuss how we’re going to get this movie done. It’s usually a good time full of lots of creative energy and optimism.

It’s also one of the few times everyone will be in the same room before we get to the set on the first day to actually start filming. Or, in this case, capturing images to a really large flash drive. Still, it’s pretty much the same process.

I haven’t been to one of these meetings in some time, so I’m looking forward to it. In truth, I’m looking forward to the entire process.

I guess I missed it.

In case you were wondering, the picture above is of legendary director Sam Peckinpah on the set of The Wild Bunch, one of my favorite movies. If you haven’t seen it, now is a good time to remedy that situation.

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