Keanu Reeves and the Way of the Sword


I’m a martial arts fan and lapsed practitioner from way, way back. One of my favorite styles, if you will, was Kendo. Also known as the “Way of the Sword.” I very much enjoyed it.

It seems Keanue Reeves also enjoys using a sword and he does so to good effect in his upcoming movie 47 Ronin. Sure, there’s also a bunch of other stuff in this movie too (fantasy elements and more), but I’ll watch it mostly for the swordplay, which looks pretty cool.

There’s a trailer for the movies that’s come out recently and even though I like the trailer, I always get a bit concerned when the release of a movie is pushed back a couple times, as it was with 47 Ronin.

This is also the very expensive feature film debut of director Carl Erik Rinsch, which doesn’t always bode well either. Still, I think it looks pretty cool and I’ll be seeing it, even if they had to invent a character for Keanu Reeves to play in the otherwise rather well-known legend of the 47 Ronin and he is, again, the only “one” who can save us (or them, as the case may be).

That’s showbiz.

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