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How Apple Are You?


It should be no surprise to anyone (at least anyone paying attention) I’m an Apple fan. I like the company and I like the company’s products. Quite a bit, in fact.

I like Apple’s products so much I’ve amassed a fairly large collection of them over the years. I even have one of the first Macintosh computers ever made. I also have an Apple II+ (it was my first Apple product) which came out way before the Mac even existed. In 1979, to be exact. That’s how far back I go.

But with all that, how Apple am I really? Fortunately, there’s a handy infographic that can help answer that important question. It can probably help you too.

I did pretty well. What’s your score?

how-apple-are you

Note: I like this infographic, which is why I posted it. However, I’ve never used Mackeeper so I can’t endorse it. Do your own research.

A Little Apple History: Print Advertising 1975 – 2002

If you know me, even a little bit, you know I’m a huge fan of all things Apple. I use an iPhone 5, MacBook Air, iPad and have had other Apple products going all the way back to before the first Macintosh. In short, I’m old school.

Let’s face it, the company makes, and has made, some insanely great products. Another thing the company is known for is its advertising. They’ve created some of the most innovative and informative commercials in history, probably the most famous of which is Ridley’s Scott’s ‘1984’ spot. That’s it at the bottom.

They’ve also had some pretty cool print ads over the years as well. To illustrate, these guys (and gals) have¬†taken the time to put together a very nice look at Apple’s print ads from the years 1975 to 2002.

It’s pretty cool and I actually remember some of these ads. It’s fun to look back and see how far Apple, and we, have come.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HhsWzJo2sN4&w=500&h=281]