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David Lee Roth Interviews Eddie and Alex Van Halen

I can’t remember the first time I heard a Van Halen song or what song it was. It may have been something from Van Halen II like “Bottom’s Up” or “Beautiful Girls” or it could have been from Women and Children First and been a song like “Romeo Delight” or “Everybody Wants Some.”

Whatever song or album it was, it was certainly a log time ago. A simpler time to be sure. A lot has changed since that time. I’ve aged and gotten a bit slower but I think, in some ways, a bit smarter.

Over the years I’ve also tried to stay current with Van Halen and their music. That wasn’t made easy by the fact that their last album, Van Halen III, came out in 1998 and, to be fair, wasn’t really all that great.

It seems things are looking up a bit now with the band’s new album A Different Kind of Truth. It’s out today, I’ve listened to it and so far, I like what I hear. Also, it’s nice to see David Lee Roth back where he belongs.

Speaking of that, I came across this video of Roth interviewing Eddie and Alex Van Halen. It’s pretty interesting and contains info I didn’t know about the band and it’s history.

Also, it makes me worry a bit that Eddie isn’t long for this earth. The years (and the other stuff) have not been kind to him.


[vimeo 36240409 w=500 h=319]