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Video Friday: ‘The Daly Show: The Daly Superheroes’ with Guests Nathan Fillion and Michael Rosenbaum

With all the content being produced these days it’s pretty much impossible to see it all. In fact, I’m lucky if I get to spend an hour or so a day looking for new things to watch let alone watching the programming I have to in order to write about it or review it for The Flickcast.

Fortunately, that’s one of the many things friends are for. This time around, my pal Rick Marshall pointed me to this particular episode of The Daly Show (not to be confused with The Daily Show with John Stewart) and I have to say, it’s pretty damn funny.

In case you’re not familiar, the show features the exploits of actor Tim Daly and his son Sam. Plus, they have special guests on each show. This episode’s guests? Nathan Fillion and Michael Rosenbaum.

Awesome? Yes.