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Vacation fun

Even though I won’t be going for a few months I just finalized my trip to Puerto Vallarta. My friend Kris whom I have known forever is getting hitched as this great resort. Take a look at it. Isn’t it nice.

So, I will be spending six days there in October. Before that, its get in shape time. I don’t look too bad but I know I could look much better. So, I will need to crack down and get to work in the next few months. I am considering the famous South Beach Diet. A few years ago I tried Atkins and it seemed to work pretty well. I just don’t think its too good for you to eat meat and cheese all the time.

I have the South Beach Diet book but haven’t had a chance to read it yet. So I don’t really know what the differences are between it and Atkins. I hope to get reading the book next week. In other news:

Apple may stay away from Macworld Expo. Check it out.

Microsoft says Service Pack 2 – the long awaited security update to Windows XP – won’t come out until August. Isn’t that nice. Busy testing it no doubt. We’ll see.

Apple broke 100,000,000 songs sold on its iTunes Music Store at 10:26p Pacific on Sunday night. The 100 millionth customer was Kevin Britten, 20, of Hays, Kansas. He downloaded the 100-millionth song Sunday. It was “Somersault (Dangermouse remix)” by Zero7. Lucky guy. He gets a Powerbook, an iPod, and 10,000 more songs.

Two California citizens are suing Diebold asking for the state’s money back for faulty electronic voting machines. The machines have been barred from future state elections, but there’s some concern about tampering in the spring primary. If they win the suit, the pair stand to collect 30% under California’s whistle blower law.

I am so looking forward to internet voting. I’m sure it will work great. Especially if they put Microsoft in charge. Does it really matter though? The Bush boys will probably try to postpone the election or some other crap anyway. Can they really do that? Does the federal government have the power to postpone or suspend elections? Not in this country. At least I hope not.

I certainly hope someone puts a stop to this bull before its too late. Oh, I have to mention this. The bill which would have added a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage was soundly defeated in the senate. Many republicans even voted against it. What did the President have to say? Check this out.

He’s disappointed. Interesting. You can’t use the constitution as a tool to discriminate against people. That’s not what it is for. He’s disappointed. Well so am I. In him.


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  • Anna Marie Ross
    July 17, 2004 at 10:08 am

    We know of a cabinet worker who placed the cabinets in our home who went on the South Beach Diet. He liked it because it included fruits and vegetables. He lost quite a bit of weight while on it.