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New Stuff and a bit of a rant

Apple introduced some new iPods the other day. They are really cool and they also dropped the prices which is extra really cool. For all the 411, check this out or this.

I will also be cutting this entry short (I know, I know) as I am in the middle of a big server and client rollout and have been pulling 12 to 14 hour days for the last two weeks. Its really not that bad and I am used to it from my previous experiences in showbiz. So, all in all, good fun.

The great part about what I am doing now is that people are actually happy to have new computers and new servers and for the most part will be happy to see you and grateful for your help. In the other business you get many more giant egos who who feel the need to throw their weight around trying to prove something.

In reality, they are just a bunch of scared babies who would never make it in any other business. Nobody would tolerate their bullshit. Unless they went into politics or something.

Anyway, its nice to work with people who are cool. Oh, I want to mention who we are doing this work for. Its for a great non-profit group here in Santa Monica called Heal the Bay. They do good work and you should go there and give them some money. They can use it.


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  • falafelpete
    May 4, 2005 at 5:10 pm

    That was a nice plug; thanks. Now if they were just Macs…