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Food for thought

Couple things. First, the wife got a new job (hold for applause). It turns out that it isn’t in show business. In fact, she is pretty tired of all that bull and will probably never return to it. I can’t blame her really as she worked really, really, really, really (that’s a lot of really’s) hard and ended up not liking it so much. It wasn’t the people it was just the long hours and grueling nature of it. Nobody needs to work 60 or 70 hours a week to churn out network television. It just doesn’t seem worth it to give up your life for TV.

Anyway, she seems to have found something that she can really get into. She now works for Susan Feneger and Mary Sue Milliken a.k.a. “The Two Hot Tamales”. In case you don’t know, these two women have a few restaurants, cookbooks, a radio show and a whole bunch of other stuff. You can check them out here.

So far, so good and its already week 2. She seems much happier to go to work now so that’s good. Also, Border Grill (their restaurant here in LA) is a very good place to eat. If you are in Santa Monica, be sure to check it out. Tell them I sent you. (They don’t know me but I always wanted to say that).

I think the wife might have found her place finally. The job combines food and organization. Two things she know more about than most people alive. I expect good things will come from this.

Second, a few final notes on the Democratic Convention now that it’s over. At first, I had difficulty with the four days concept as in it just seemed way to long. Now that I have actually watched all four days I find that it was pretty interesting after all. I did record it with TiVo and I admit to fast-forwarding through some of the low-points but all-in-all it was a pretty good show.

Of course, my favorite part was at the very end. Yes, I’m talking about what I like to call the “Balloon Incident”. Thank you CNN for deciding to keep the mic open as the director was cuing the big balloon finale. Priceless. You don’t hear language like that on prime-time cable very often. I usually have to switch over to HBO or something.

Let’s just say that their was a “balloon malfunction” and the director got a little miffed that the balloons were not falling as intended. I also enjoyed Wolf Blitzer trying to cover afterward. He can vamp with the best of them. Good work Wolf (nice name too. If I have a son I might name him Wolf too. Wolf Ullrich, mmmm that sounds pretty cool.)

I liked John Kerry’s speech too. Although, he might be pushing the “I went to war” bit a little too much. I’m more interested in how he really plans to cut the deficit and also cut taxes on the middle class while adding troops to the military and increasing spending on high-tech defense tools. This should be interesting. I hope he gets the chance to show us. I think he will.

Finally, I was working with a new client for the last couple of days and it was a very pleasant experience. I think if I were a woman I would want to be a Lesbian. I say this because I have been working with several Lesbians for the last couple of days and they have been, by far, some of the nicest people I have ever met. They all seemed really happy too. Something to think about.


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  • aboutJane
    August 16, 2004 at 5:01 am

    Great for Her!

    That’s so Awesome, I love “The Two Hot Tamales” but haven’t seen them in ages.