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Lost Days

It seems that in this crazy world the time just slips away. I can’t believe that I haven’t done a blog entry in 6 days. What’s wrong with me? Do I not have anything to say? I find it hard to believe that I don’t what with all the political, social, economic and other stuff going on in the world today. But really, let’s just talk about me for a minute.

I have been, as the kids say, hella busy these last several days. It’s nice to be busy and to have things to do but it sure gets in the way of other pursuits that I find much more fun than working. You know what I’m talking about. Taking pictures, reading a good book, seeing a show, going to Starbucks so I can get my fix and many of the other things that make life great.

I know we all have to work but man, what a pain in the ass. Why wasn’t I smart enough to get into the tech world while the dot boom was still going on? Then I could have just made my millions and seen the world. Too late.

The real trick now is to figure out what the next big thing is going to be and get in on it while its still big and before it blows up in everyone’s face. If I only knew what that thing was I would be in good shape. I will keep my eyes and ears open.

Oh, I might have some good news in the next few days so if I do, I will report it here. If it doesn’t work out like I think it will I will not mention it ever again. However, if you feel like it, wish me luck or tell me to “break a leg” or any other positive saying you care to contribute. I need all the luck and good wishes I can get.

Now, the news. ENIAC, the world’s first all-electronic digital computer, was turned on on this day in 1947. So was Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Francis Crick, discoverer of the structure of DNA, has died at the age of 88.

Apple is calling Real Networks reverse engineering of the iTunes DRM “breaking and entering.” “We are stunned that RealNetworks has adopted the tactics and ethics of a hacker to break into the iPod, and we are investigating the implications of their actions under the DMCA.” They also say that it’s highly unlikely that Real’s technology will work with future firmware updates.

Microsoft demonstrated its “google killer” today, an all-in-one search that can find things on your hard drive as well as on the Internet. Maybe it can find the Longhorn engineers whose jobs are going to India.

Also, CNN has a story about six people being beaten to death because of an XBox gaming console. If they had asked, I would have given them mine. I don’t need it that bad.


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