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LA Moments

I had several what I like to call “LA moments” lately. First, I was almost killed be not one, not two but three different drivers. It seems that when people move to Los Angeles, they either forget how to drive or perhaps they just never knew how in the first place.

In all fairness, LA is not the easiest place to drive in. We have some of the worst traffic and some of the worst drivers anywhere. I have driven in many major cities that claim to have bad traffic like Seattle, New York or even Tijuana but LA really has the worst.

Also, many people are moving here ever day chasing their dreams of stardom or whatever and they often bring cars with them or end up buying one quickly so that adds to the traffic. Also, if they have come from New York or something and never drove there, they are definitely not used to driving here. So, that makes it even worse.

My other “LA moments” were in the form of celeb sightings. If you live here long enough, you will see famous people. They live and work here so you really can’t avoid them. I usually see them in one of three places: Starbucks (or Coffee Bean), Whole Foods Market (celebs like their organic stuff) or in traffic, stopped at a stoplight or something.

If you spend as much time at Starbucks as I do, you will see famous people. They have hectic lives and as such, need caffeine as much, or more, than I do. In the last week or so, I saw several famous people including Ben Affleck (who I seem to run into quite a bit. He may be stalking me) Slash from “Guns and Roses” and now “Velvet Revolver”, Michael Richards (Kramer from “Seinfeld”), Gary Oldman (a bunch of stuff you’ve seen), Tim Allen (from “Home Improvement”) and the guy who did the voice of “Roger Rabbit” in the movie, Charles Fleisher.

That’s not all but that’s the ones I remember right now. If you see famous people all the time you start not to notice them as much. Really, they are just like everyone else you know, only shorter with bigger heads.

If you do come to LA, here are a few places you can go to see famous people and also interesting stuff. We actually have culture here, so be sure to visit The Getty Museum. Also, got to Whole Foods Market in Santa Monica, Brentwood or on Coldwater Canyon Blvd. in Sherman Oaks. Also, try Starbucks in Studio City at Laurel Canyon and Vantage, Starbucks atop Beverly Glen in the Hollywood Hills or Coffee Bean on Sunset Blvd. next to Mel’s Diner.

Also, you can try other clubs and bars on Sunset Blvd. like Bar Marmont, right next to The Chateau Marmont Hotel . Also, the Skybar at the Mondrian Hotel is another celeb spot. However, its not easy to get into the Skybar so stay at the hotel or know someone at the door.

Ok, that’s enough of that for now. I don’t want these posts to get so big that people get bored and stop reading. Plus, there are so many things that are great about LA that I couldn’t possible cover it all here. I will try though and will do this at least once a week. It will be a nice break from the rants and raves.

Besides, some of you may travel to LA someday and will want to know where to go and what to do. I’ll help if I can. As long as you promise not to stay too long. We have enough people here already.


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