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So, bad news for me. The thing I was waiting to hear about isn’t going to happen. Too bad, so sad. They couldn’t really give me a reason it just didn’t work out. Well, their loss. Screw ’em.

In other news, my friend Tony has decided to take a two-week trip through New Mexico and Nevada and is leaving tomorrow. I wish I had the time to go as it seems like fun. He will be taking pictures and visiting some old friends that he hasn’t seen in many years. I guess he too is looking back and wanting to re-connect with people. I hope it works out for him.

I have started to watch some of the new TV shows for the fall season and here is my take so far:

“Joey” – Pretty funny. I like Matt LeBlanc and he has the character down. I will watch it again. However, I don’t think Drea De Matteo has very good comic skills. I feel like she is struggling a bit. It was the pilot so we’ll see how it develops. I’m sure it won’t be the monster hit that “Friends” was but it may have legs.

“Medical Investigations” – Pretty good. I like the lead guy, Neil McDonough (also from the short-lived but great “Boomtown”). I don’t really care for Kelli Williams but I think I can get past it. Their is also the supporting cast of characters who all do a fine job. It’s nice to see Anna Belnap on another show. She was on the wife’s old show “The Handler” so it’s nice to see her again.

“LAX” – Not good. I don’t feel like the people who wrote and produced this show have ever spent much time in LAX. I also have a hard time believing that all the things that happened in the pilot in one day would ever happen in a month (or longer) at the real LAX. Plus, as much as I like Heather Locklear and Blair Underwood I would not want their characters running anything for me, least of all LAX. So, I won’t be giving it another chance probably as it was just not good and their are only so many hours in a day.

However, I realize how shows are made and I also realize that pilots are not always an indicator of how the show will go so I may give it one more chance. I don’t know. I really wasn’t very good and doesn’t really seem to take things like airport security as seriously as it should.

I also watched the season premiere of “Las Vegas” and the season finale of “Six Feet Under”. It’s amazing how two shows can be so different in terms of not only content but in quality. “Six Feet Under” is a well-written, well-acted, poignant and provocative show whereas “Las Vegas” is a 40 minute music video with about as much substance as the air in my favorite basketball. It does have pretty girls, which is always a plus. But little else. Oh, and James Cahn. Who always looks like he ate something that didn’t agree with him.

Oh well, I won’t be tuning in again so no harm done. I didn’t watch the premiere of “Apprentice-2” because really, who cares? Nor did I waste my time with most of the other crap that passes for entertainment these days. I think most of these shown like “Big Brother” or “Extreme Makeover” or “Fear Factor” must be targeted at the so-called “undecided” voters. In other words, at those with below-average smarts.

I say that because how can anyone today be undecided about voting. The upcoming election is probably one of the most important in a long time. We are talking about shaping the future of our county here. Stop watching “Wife Swap” or “Extreme Makeover” or whatever the hell, put down the remote, get off your ass and go vote. And, I would prefer it if you voted for someone other than Bush. Like John F. Kerry for example.

One more thing. I have also been watching two great shows that have great humor but are also quite serious and insightful when it comes to politics and the upcoming election. If you haven’t already, go check out “The Daily Show with John Stewart” and “Real Time with Bill Maher”. Good stuff. You will laugh and you might even learn something too. What could be better than that?


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