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Angry Apple

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Apparently, Apple has had enough of Nick DePlume and Think Secret. So, they are suing him because he allegedly solicited Apple people to violate their NDA’s and talk about the new $500 Mac and the new iWork suite that supposedly can replace MS Office.

I don’t necessarily agree with leaking info and I think trying to get people to break agreements is wrong but I also don’t necessarily think that Apple should go around suing people. Secrecy is one thing but I think Steve and company take it a little too far sometimes. I remember the time, not so long ago, when the specs for the new iMac were leaked and appeared on the Apple Store site a day early.

I know for a fact that those responsible were sacked. Steve likes his secrets and isn’t very tolerant of screwup like that. The problem is that art of the fun of being an Apple fan and Apple user is speculating what will be released at Macworld. Talking about all the rumors and doing a pool as to what will be released is fun (at least its fun for me. Perhaps I need a life).

Don’t be so quick to pull out the lawyers Apple. Remember, you were a bunch of upstart rebels once too. And besides, doesn’t suing someone for leaking info pretty much show that the info is genuine? Not so good if you still want to keep it a secret.

Now, when can I get one of those shiny new $500 Macs?

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