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Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Not too much new to report. Things are good. Working quite a bit. Good start to 2005. Having a good time, wish you were here. That kind of thing. I haven’t felt the need to rant about politics or bad drivers or all of the other things I usually rant about. The problem is, I feel pretty good right now and am not really angry about much of anything.

Some people may think not being angry is a good thing. And for most, it is. For me, I sometimes need my anger to get things going. To motivate my lazy ass, in other words. So, when its not there, I sometimes loose focus and become less productive. One example of that is my gap in posting here. Believe me, there are many other examples (just ask the wife).

On a positive tip, I’m sure that someone in government will do something stupid any minute now or I will be cut off by a jackass in a Mercedes on the 405 freeway crossing three lanes to get off at Sunset Blvd. any time now. (plan ahead, moron) So, I will be right back to my old, angry, self. Until then, enjoy the silence.

Happy Sunday all.

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