Got it. A new life with the Palm One Treo 650. - Chris Ullrich dot net

Got it. A new life with the Palm One Treo 650.

treos-1.jpgI now have the new Treo 650 in my hands and am beginning to put it through its paces. So far, great gadget and no big complaints. I ordered it unlocked, directly from Palm One and am using it with T-Mobile in Los Angeles.

Having never used a previous version of the Treo, I don’t know if this is an improvement or not. I think it probably is. Plus, as it is Palm based, it will be much easier to use with my Macintosh. I intend to test it and will report back with what I find. Stay tuned.

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  • chris
    March 1, 2005 at 1:07 am

    charles — i am going to write a detailed review of the treo 650 when I am done with this current project I am on. hopefully, in a few days. for now, i can say i am loving it. you want the unlocked one for sure.

  • Charles
    February 28, 2005 at 10:42 am

    I am new to typepad (blog is not setup just yet) and am surfing this forum. I am enjoying your journal.

    I was thinking of getting a Treo 650. I normally carry my Palm i705 and two cell phones (one business, one personal). My only concern is the price.

    How do you feel about the Treo now that you have had some time to use it?