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putting your best face forward (or at least the one you like the most)


if you live in and go places in Los Angeles it is pretty hard to avoid running into either someone you know, someone you don’t like or who doesn’t like you or some sort of famous person. yesterday was typical of the last one.

some friends and i were out enjoying some psuedo-mexican food at the burbank taco bell and jennifer love hewitt came in, got some food, chatted with some of the staff, then left in her mini cooper. she looked great, btw. taller than i thought, which is a surprise. usually, they are almost always much shorter.

anyway, what struck me as interesting about this encounter was that she came in herself, alone. she didn’t send her assistant or something. she drove herself over from the house or the studio (take your pick), made her own order, took her bag of 99 cent bean burritos or whatever and drove herself away. she did this on her own with no help from anyone. i was impressed by that. from everything i have heard, she is one of the nice ones.

don’t get me wrong, i’m not saying that all famous people are too dumb or too arrogant or too lazy to drag their own asses to taco bell but it might not be too far from the truth in many cases. let’s face it, famous people are not always the most interesting or most pleasant people to be around. in fact, many times they can be downright nasty.

you can’t really blame them, though. if enough people told you your were the greatest thing to come along in years and that yes, your shit doesn’t, in fact, stink, you might start to believe it too. no, what am i saying. that would never happen to you.

another telling example of this was during the oscars. hilary swank won again for her role in “million dollar baby”. during her acceptance speech, who did she thank? she said a big thank you to her “best friend and publicist”. interesting, no? her best friend is someone she pays to say nice things about her. if that isn’t a warped sense of reality i don’t know what one is.

you may get the impression from this entry that i have something against famous people. actually, i don’t. some friends of mine are famous people and i like them just fine. do i think they are stellar human beings not completely full of themselves? some are, some aren’t. oddly enough, that ratio probably holds true for non-famous people like you and me as well.

well, no, not like me. i really am full of myself. oh, and i am also lazy too as i am going to start posting in all lowercase. starting now, as you can probably tell. it’s too much effort to hit the shift key along with all of these other keys.

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  • chris
    June 2, 2005 at 10:06 pm

    nobody i can talk about. some of them may actually read this thing. i want to keep them all guessing.


  • Edward
    May 31, 2005 at 4:47 pm

    you are just begging the question, “what famous people do you know?” I know Tony Marks, shared an elevator once with the chick from Melrose who is on Desperate Housewives now, am good friends with a guy who is good friends with Paul Phillips the poker millionaire, and I went to the same college as Meryl Streep. Name yours please.