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A little vacation and some “deep” stuff

Me and mine are going out of town for several days to, among other things, celebrate the 40th anniversary of the birth of our friend Anthony. He’s a good guy and decided to have a party so we decided to attend. Why not.

So, the posting may be a little lite for the next few days as we are going to be away. Not flying this time because of my last experience waiting at the Burbank airport for four hours. This time, I’m gonna drive. Of course, I fully expect a huge accident will delay me even more and I will wish I had flown,

Oh well, at least it will give me something to complain about. Also, before I forget, I am working on my review of the Canon 20d and some other stuff which I will post as soon as I can. Until then, content yourself with the musings of my friends at LAist or feel free to go back and read some of my archives. They are always good for a laugh or at the very least, a slow shake of the head as if to say “what they hell is he thinking”.

Happy weekend all. Oh, how could I forget this. Deep Throat revealed! He waited a long time and kept his secret. That’s pretty impressive as most people can’t keep a secret at all. This guy is something. 2nd in command of the FBI and chief investigator of the Watergate break in. Now, who will be playing him in the movie? Russell Crowe? Johnny Depp? George Clooney? Me? We’ll see.

Happy weekend again.

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