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Dizzy or whatever

for the last few weeks i have been, for lack of a better word, seasick. its odd to feel a sensation of movement even when you are not moving. i“m not experiencing the ”sick“ part of seasick but i definitely feel as if i am on a boat. it comes and goes but it started, coincidentally, after i got off an extended stay on a boat.

a few weeks ago we went on a cruise with my parents for their 50th anniversary. i have been on boats many, many times before and had no ill effects. this trip, an eight day-er to mexico, was the first time. everything was fine for the first several days. in fact, almost to the end. however, that wasn’t to be the case eventually.

monday night, two days before we got back, i experienced some ”whatever“ which felt like seasickness so i had to get up, walk around and basically kill a few hours before i could go back to the cabin and finally get some sleep. good times.

now, for the last few weeks i still feel like i am on a boat. moving around, etc. i can’t explain it. its not terrible. more annoying than anything. its especially annoying at night when i try to go to sleep. although, eventually i can.

the really odd part is that claritin (an allergy drug) actually makes the symptoms all but disappear. and, for the last week or so i felt basically fine and was getting back to normal. that is until last night. last night is was back and it took a long time to get to sleep while i rocked with the boat that isn’t really there.

anyway, i’m going to see an ear doctor tomorrow to hopefully figure out what the heck is going on. its a problem for me as i like being able to move around and i like being able to sleep at night. so, this needs to be addressed. and soon.

perhaps there are other people out there that have had similar things happen to them. if so, please feel free to speak up and let me know as i like more information. anything constructive or informative is a good thing.

sorry to dwell on my problems but sometimes you just want to get things out there and talk about them if possible. no reason to keep stuff a secret, especially if someone has a good bit of information.

i’ll be back to the usual ramblings any day now . . . oh, and no more cruises. . . . ever.

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