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moving is a bitch

you really never realize how much stuff you have until it is packed in about a hundred boxes, loaded in a truck and taken across town. then, unloaded and taken into your new home. wow, do we have a ton of crap. its really amazing to see. the moving process has taken six days and on sunday it took almost nine hours to load up the truck, move, and unload and get everything in the door. all of this for a move in the same city and less than two miles from old place to new.

please, if i ever talk about moving again anytime in the next hundred years, just kill me and spare me the misery. i don’t know what’s worse, moving your own stuff or watching four trained monkeys move your stuff for you. seriously, to call the movers we had monkeys is really an insult to monkeys who are smarter than these four guys that came to “help” us.

they were nice enough the way a small child can be nice. let’s just say they were lacking a little something in the brain power department. fortunately, they didn’t seem to do any real damage to anything except a few scratches here and there. besides the movers themselves, we also had trouble with the moving truck which decided not to start for a few minutes after it was completely loaded and ready to go.

the thought of having to unload all the stuff again and then load it into a replacement truck was almost too much for mew to take. fortunately for the movers and anyone close by, the truck finally started and we were on our way. then, art the new place they proceed to unload at a pace that can best be described as “leisurely”.

of course, i was paying by the hour so they were in no hurry. or maybe they were just tired. really, i was tired from just watching them so they really could have been tired and not just taking their time. i choose the latter and give them the benefit of the doubt. tired it is. i guess that makes me a jerk for thinking they were trying to milk it for more dough. oh well, i’ve been called worse.

anyway, time to go back to the unpacking and try to see where all of this stuff goes. i hope we have enough room for all of it. keep your fingers crossed.

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