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Starbucks, Mars Edit and John Coltrane

well, here i sit at my local, and still favorite, Starbucks in studio city. john coltrane’s “a love supreme” is playing. for once, they have some pretty good music here. usually, its some junk i don’t know or like very much. but sometimes, they hit it right on the mark. at least the days of hearing alanis morissette’s “jagged little pill” acoustic record twenty times a day are gone. i almost lost it a few time i can tell you. that was almost too much.

anyway, i am trying out a new piece of software (at least for me) called Mars Edit. what is is? its for blogging, silly. much like ecto, Mars Edit is a blogging post tool. it allows you to write, edit, etc. blog posts and then upload them for all to see and enjoy. or whatever it is people do during and after reading my blog entries. the people that make Mars edit also make my rss reader of choice, NetNews Wire.

i really like ecto and i think the guys that make it are doing a great job. that said, Mars Edit works pretty well for me so far too. plus, it looks like i will be able to post to other sites like Laist with Mars Edit as well, which would make life easier. i haven’t tried posting to Laist yet but i will soon. i hope it works as i don’t love having to go to a web page in order to post.

i think for text, Mars Edit will probably be just fine. it’s the image handling that has me concerned. will i be able to put the images in the posts the way they are supposed to be or will the site look weird after i post? well, only one way to find out, right?

i’m sure tony pierce is a good boss and won’t mind if i mess up the site by accident. i’m sure it will work out just fine. plus, i’m going to steal a picture from his site for your enjoyment that has absolutely nothing to do with what i’m writing here. i just felt like putting it up. so sue me.


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