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Writing As a Job — The Update


So, here I sit at my usual spot. No, not that spot, I moved away from there a few weeks ago because it was getting too loud and too crowded. No, I’m at at a new spot now. Anyway, this spot has even more comfy chairs and they keep the music down to a comfortable, non ear-threatening, level. I didn’t mind making the change because change is ok sometimes. Especially if it prevents injury or loss of life.

Or, just allows me a slightly quieter place from which to write all of my amazing articles and whatnot for Cinematical and Comic Book Resources. Yes, its true. I’ve been at Cinematical for a little over two weeks now and haven’t been fired yet. Kudos to me. It’s interesting working for a big company like Weblogs, Inc. (part of AOL, don’t cha know). Being a member of the “family” I am on several internal email lists where I get lots of stuff that I can’t talk about. I even get occasional emails from Weblogs honcho Jason Calcanis.

Well, not directly to me but to everyone in the company. But still, its kinda fun. Jason is one of those people who was smart enough to see a need for something (blogs) about a great deal of different subjects and then had the tenacity to see it through. It worked out great for him too because now that AOL is the owner of his company, I think he’s worth about a billion dollars or something. Not bad.

I’m not worth a billion dollars but I am worth a million in prizes. Or maybe that was a song I heard on the radio today? Sometimes its hard to tell. Oh, just to be clear and to justify the title of this post — I am enjoying the daily writing even if many of my posts at Cinematical are of the news variety. I did do a couple of longer pieces which I will link to below for your reading pleasure. I also did a few more longer ones at Comic Book Resources.

At Cinematical I have to do these news posts when starting out to hopefully prove that I am reliable and then be allowed to move on to other more in-depth type of articles. But you do have to learn to walk before you can run and its only been a couple weeks so I will stick with it and hopefully transition into bigger stuff at a later date. It’s not really a problem because I actually like doing the news posts and the more I do the more I get paid — so that’s nice too.

A recent CBR story:

Interview with Javier-Grillo Marxuach

And here are the links to my two bigger pieces at Cinematical:

Seven Tips for the Indie Filmmaker

Seven Sci-Fi Films You Should Be Watching

If you do that sort of thing, please feel free to Digg them at Digg or Scape them at Netscape. They are already submitted so your support would be much appreciated. Not that I get any kick backs or anything. it’s just nice to help bring traffic to the site you work for. That’s all.

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  • Joel
    February 28, 2007 at 2:57 am

    I love the post. Thanks for sharing.:)