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Trying Something New


As people who know me well can attest, I’m pretty much the kind of person who likes to do the same things pretty much all of the time. I like to eat at the same restaurants, go to the same bars, drink the same beverages, see similar kinds of movies, read similar kinds of books and comic books, etc. You get the idea.

Another thing I usually do has to do with my writing. When I leave the house to write out in the world I almost always go to my particular Starbucks to do it. The reasons for this are simple. I know the place, I know the people and I know what I’m getting when I go there. That can pretty much be applied to the other things I do pretty much all the time. I’ve been around long enough to know what I like and like what I know. No harm in doing what you want to do, is there?

Even though I’m what you would call a “creature of habit” every once in awhile I like to mix things up. So today, instead of going to my usual Starbucks to write some stuff for Cinematical and work on the pilot that can’t yet be discussed, I decided to try something new today. I threw caution to the wind and went not to Starbucks but instead, to a place called LuLu’s Beehive in Sherman Oaks. That was a couple hours ago and so far, so good.

When I first got here I was privy to an interesting argument between what could best be described as a few “disgruntled” writers. There were three middle-aged dudes arguing about how various studios around town don’t know what they are doing, that executives and development people are “idiots” and how the hole business of show i basically a blight on society. Of course, in the next minute they bragged about their upcoming projects and the stuff they had in development and their upcoming deals so they can’t hate the business too much as they are still hip-deep in it. Its funny to hear these kinds of conversations because that’s what showbiz does to people.

I like to think of showbiz as being like chocolate cake. Its one of those things you know is bad for you but its also so good you just can’t help yourself. And really, as I’ve probably said before, the worst day on a movie set is still so much better than the best day working at a bank or some other “real” job type job. Yes, showbiz and I have had our share of issues. But like any dysfunctional relationship we have also had our very good days as well so I can’t say its all bad. Plus, as anyone who knows me will tell you: I love cake.

photo “borrowed” from my former boss at LAist jason toney

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