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Video Questions, SXSW and the Busy Tony Pierce


Oddly enough I can’t embed a video here from a site called Jumpcut. Even though the video is an interview with WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg conducted by LAist head honcho and all-around cool guy Tony Pierce. You would think they would make an exception this time, but no.

So, I can only link to LAist where the video is for you to have the opportunity to enjoy it. I find the whole situation pretty ironic. Oh well, at least Matt seems like a nice guy even if I sometimes don’t quite understand the rules around here — as in why YouTube videos are ok and Jumpcut videos are not. Still, glad to be here and: Go WordPress!

Tony was very busy and also got several more interviews while attending SXSW in Austin this week. Some of them include the guys who started Web 2.0 “it” site of the moment Twitter as well as and interview with Mary Colvig of Mozilla. Some interesting stuff — especially if you love the tech like I do and are also super-jealous of Tony for being able to attend SXSW this year. Next year, dammit, I’m there for sure.

Oh, the picture has basically nothing to do with this post at all. Its just something I used over at LAist for a recent Tech News post and I liked it. Happy weekend all.

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