Happy 4th


I love America but I’m really starting to dislike what its become under the current “leadership” in Washington. I am counting the days until this President’s term is over and we can move on to the business of rebuilding our credibility, standing and respect in the eyes of the world.

That will be a great day indeed and a day when I will be proud to call myself an American. Unlike the other day where I was almost speechless when contemplating the level of corruption and duplicity displayed by George Bush and his administration. Although, I can’t say it came as that much of a surprise.

Until there’s a regime change in Washington, at least we can still celebrate what America is supposed to be about today by having a few beers, eating some food that’s bad for us and watching some cool fireworks. This is still a great country — we’ve just lost our way a little. But I wouldn’t count us out yet — not by a longshot.

Happy 4th.

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