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Careful what you wish for


For some reason the people in charge of the new venture I was talking about in a previous post have decided I’m worthy of inclusion into their burgeoning empire of publishing. So, as of this past weekend, I’m now officially working with the great team at ComicMix. Thanks Brian.

It’s a great opportunity for me to write more and move into other areas of publishing and I sincerely hope I don’t manage to screw it up somehow. I’ll try not to. For the moment, I’m doing the usual bit of posting I do, and have done for a while now, at other places like TUAW and Cinematical.

In the future I’ll also be taking on different kids of feature articles, interviews and such and at some point, and this is the very cool part, I may be moving into other types of roles and might end up working there a lot more. So, fingers crossed it all works out. Meanwhile, I’m just happy to have a job and another place to write for. Its a good thing and as I’ve said before, something I really enjoy.

In other news, I’m working on my comparison article that looks at the iPhone vs. the Blackberry for TUAW and that should be ready soon. Also, I’m working on a followup piece for TUAW about my first few weeks with the MacBook Air (hint: I love it). So, keep an eye out for those.

Plus, I’m actually going to start writing some stuff for Download Squad “real soon now” but just haven’t had the time to get going. Next week will be the week. Ok, enough of that, gotta get back to work. Well, maybe after a little detour into Guitar Hero III first. Damn rock and roll!

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  • Brian Alvey
    February 16, 2008 at 10:12 pm

    You’re welcome! I’m psyched to be working with you (again).