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Me, Me, Me

Yes, its all about me. But seriously folks, this has been a very interesting week. I’ve met a lot of great people, been told my work both sucks and is brilliant and found a great artist I’m going to work with. So, as I said, a very interesting week indeed.

I also went to Book Expo America last weekend here in LA and I just have to say, I was a bit disappointed. Maybe I didn’t look around enough or spend enough time there, but it seemed like it wasn’t really the show for me. If I was a guy who owned a book store and was looking to buy books to fill it up, then it would have been a great show for me.

As I was just a lowly writer looking to meet some people (particularly in comics and graphic novel publishing) I was sorta out of luck. The few places that were there had booths staffed by people I already knew or featured companies where I already knew someone higher up the chain than the guy in the booth. So, from a practical “networking” standpoint, not much incentive to chat them up.

I did talk to a few people and they were cool. Still, I got the sense from some of them that even they were not exactly sure why they were there. Really, I think most people in comics and graphic novel publishing are just looking ahead to San Diego Comic-Con anyway. I know I am. That’s going to be a blast as usual.

In other Con news, I will most-likely be in Chicago for Wizard World later this month with ComicMix Managing Editor Rick Marshall, Editor-In-Chief Mike Gold and some of the other gang. That should be fun, especially as I’ve never been to Chicago before (I know) and am going to stay a few extra days to check out the city, eat the food and generally get into some trouble.

I’m really looking forward to that trip. If you happen to be in Chicago during that time, be sure to say “hello.”

Oh, before I forget, what would a post about me be without some links to my recent work? Here you go:

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And, here’s a photo I took last year that I still really like — which isn’t always the case. Happy weekend.


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