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Chicago is a Great Town

Or at least I think it is. Sadly, I’ve been here since Thursday afternoon (late) and I’ve only seen the hotel I’m staying at and the convention center I’m across the street from. Sure, that might not seem like a bad thing to some people, but I kinda like checking out places and seeing what’s what. Especially places I’ve never been, like Chicago.

I’ve heard that later we’ll all go see exciting stuff in Chicago. Until then, I’ve got to tough it out in Rosemont at a hotel almost perfectly positioned for the convention yet still, annoyingly far away.

Not that Rosemont is a bad place. Far from it. At least I think so. It’s just that if I decide to visit somewhere it would great if I got to see the “actual” city I’m supposed to be visiting. I know that’s going to happen no matter what because I made an effort to actually stay a bit longer.

Anyway, I’ve also discovered on this trip that I can drink a ton of booze and eat way too much. I kinda thought I was over all of that. Sadly, it seems I am not. I’m sure my liver and my increasing weight will both be very unpleasant later on.

However, all is not negative at Wizard World in Rosemont (aka Chicago). I did manage to meet a few cool people, spend time at some interesting gatherings and generally have a bit of fun. It’s just too bad that I wasn’t able to do more work. I kinda felt like I didn’t talk to enough people at the show and turn out enough content.

If anything, this show was a good primer for San Diego and really highlights how difficult it is to cover a convention like Wizard World with what is, essentially, two people. Especially when one of those people needs to be in the hotel editing and publishing posts instead of working the floor.

We did manage to get some interesting stuff and some of it is already posted at ComicMix. So, be sure to head on over and check it out. Here’s some links:

My interview with World War Z and Reported Attacks graphic novel author Max Brooks.

ComixMix’s Rick Marshall’s reports on day one and two of the show.

Some photo galleries of the costumes and “flavor” of the Wizard World Chicago show.

Finally, here’s some great art from some of the books coming out from publisher Avatar Press. This stuff just looks cool and I can’t wait to see it in its final form. Check them out.




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