Photo a Day – Day 15

Let’s play a game, shall we? No, not ‘Global Thermonuclear War’ — this isn’t an early eighties Matthew Broderick movie. Instead, let’s play a game where I pretend I can count and you pretend that I can too. How fun will that be? I’m guessing quite a bit. Although, I’m probably biased, so who knows?

Anyway, here’s the latest in a virtually unbroken series of photos which are part of my “Photo a Day” project. If you’re tempted not to play nice or otherwise not play the game along with everyone else, please keep some vital things in mind.

Any change, no matter how slight, takes time and effort. Sometimes, you have one but not the other. And sometimes, you don’t have either one. And sometimes, you just get distracted by something shiny.

But, if your intentions are good, once in a while people can, and should, throw you a bone and overlook the blatant gaps in your plan. At least that’s how I see it.

Okay, let’s see how the second half goes. Fifteen down, fifteen to go.


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  1. BuScooby says:

    Something shiny, huh? Nice.

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