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Photo a Day – Day 30

Just under the wire, here we are. This is the final photo in my “Photo a Day” thirty days of photos experiment. Some were good, some were just okay and some, well, let’s just say some were not so good.

Still, it was fun to see if I could do it at all and I’m pretty impressed with me for being able to stick with it for the duration. I also think I learned one or two new things about photography, which is great as there’s always something to learn.

In fact, I think I enjoyed this experiment so much, I’m going to continue with it and keep taking more pictures. Who knows, maybe I’ll end up with 365 days of photos instead of just thirty. Okay, that brings us to the final photo of this series.

Instead of using a picture that I took recently, I’ve decided to put up one of my favorite photos I took of my father. In case you don’t know, he died last October. Consequently, the photos I took of him, especially ones like this taken at one of our favorite bars, are a reminder of the good times we had when livin’ was easy.

Cheers Dad.


Also at my flickr page.

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  • BuScooby
    September 5, 2008 at 11:24 pm

    Great photo. Perfect for day 30. Well done! 🙂