Video Friday – The Original ‘Star Wars’ Trailer

Yes, that’s right kids, its the original trailer from 1977 for one of the greatest sci-fi movies ever made in the history of movie-making: Star Wars.

Before it was called ‘Episode 4’ and before George Lucas went a little mad and decided to change a bunch of stuff (Han shot first, dammit!) this movie shocked, stunned, entertained, enthralled and inspired me like no other had before — and pretty much no other has since.

So, for this Video Friday, sit back, relax and enjoy this trip to a galaxy far, far away. I know I will.

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2 Responses to Video Friday – The Original ‘Star Wars’ Trailer

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  2. Nanners says:

    Yay! Star Wars! Thanks for the post. And check out my mad light saber skills.

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