Video Friday – Douche Off!

I think this week’s video is pretty self-explanatory. In short, it made me laugh out loud. That doesn’t happen very often these days. Although, last night’s VP debate made me chuckle once or twice. Sadly, even though it wasn’t quite the horror show I was expecting (and not-so-secretly hoping for), it was still entertaining.

However, in spite of a relatively strong start for Sarah Palin, in the end Joe Biden won the debate primarily by staying on-message and actually answering questions instead of deflecting them, being the calmer voice of reason and assurance and linking McCain with George Bush a much as possible. Which, given the state of the country right now, pretty much means McCain can’t possibly win. At least I hope so.

Enjoy the video.

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  1. BuScooby says:

    First, you don’t laugh out loud very often these days? Interesting. Second, I hate to correct you on your own blog, but I’m pretty sure Gov. Palin won the debate insofar as she didn’t sound like a condescending, smirking know it all but rather a person who can communicate with the average Joe as well as foreign heads of state. Further, she was more likable and dammit I just like her better so there.

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