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Some New Pics, New iPhone 4 and Some Cool iPhone 4 Photo Apps

I’ve recently returned from the land of Android (and the HTC Incredible) to the land of iPhone 4 and IOS. To be honest, it’s great to be back. Not that the Android platform isn’t cool, it is.

It’s just that the iPhone and iOS 4 are cooler. Case in point is all the great applications you can use to take some really cool photos with your iPhone 4.

I’ve been using quite a few of them and in particular Hipstamatic, Instagram, Plastic Bullet and Camera Bag. These apps, and the included Camera App from Apple on the iPhone, allow me to take and make some pretty cool photos. Sure, I can still take “normal” photos as well, but using these Apps is way more fun and the photos often turn out way different and better than you expect.

To demonstrate, I’ve included a few here from the new iPhone 4. Some are taken with Hipstamatic, some were taken with the iPhone’s native Photo App and then processed in Plastic Bullet or Camera Bag and some are just normal. Check ’em out.

As I get better at taking pics and discover more of what these Apps can do I will post some more here as well as the usual places like my Facebook and my Flickr.


IMG 0065IMG 0063IMG 0062IMG 0060IMG 0058IMG 0040IMG 0038IMG 0017

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